Malin Hilding is a musician, songwriter, producer and teacher from Sweden. She specify in percussion, but is also a singer with the ability to play multiple instruments (such as drums, piano, bass and trombone). The main instrument is congas, but Malin is definitely groovy on the tambourine. One of the best. She likes to play most genres and have a lot of experience in pop, rock, funk/soul and folk music. She has played in a lot of bands over the years and is a great studio-musician.

Songwriting is one of the absolute favorite things to do on her spare time. She knows just how to express herself with meaningful lyrics and melodies that goes right in to your heart. She has written songs together with different bands and artists, but also have a lot of unreleased songs at home. With good knowledge in Logic her pre-prods are well made, wich help to set the feeling of the songs right away. Pop is the genre she’s working with most, but can write lyrics and melodies to any song you want.

Malin is originally from Stockholm but are now living in Malmö were she is studying to become a music teacher. She is a good teacher already and want to pass her knowledge on to others, because music is the best thing in this world. Right!